Applied Biological Laboratories

At the crossroads
of nature and science

Applied Biological Laboratories Inc. is a New York biotechnology company committed to the research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of scientifically validated natural products that strengthen the body’s innate defenses. Our first round of product offerings contains powerful molecules identified in our laboratories as well as through decades of peer-reviewed scientific research at leading universities. These product offerings help the body protect against and recover from some of the most common respiratory ailments.

Who is Applied Bio?

Nazlie Latefi, PhDCo-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Nazlie is a seasoned research scientist with substantial business experience. Previous to founding Applied Bio she directed major scientific research efforts, helped bring many products to market, and directed public-private partnerships at a multi-billion dollar private equity firm. Nazlie holds a PhD in molecular neuroscience from McGill University where she studied how adhesion molecules initiate synaptogenesis in the developing vertebrate nervous system, a dual MS in Biology and Journalism from New York University, and a BA from Northwestern University. Always passionate and curious about the natural world, she enjoys writing freelance stories about science, playing classical piano, and dabbling in photography. She sits on the board of the Church St School for Music and Art in lower Manhattan.

Michael Latefi, MBACo-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Michael has over 20 years of operations and financial expertise. He began his career in health and science private equity for a number of large investment institutions, where he often assumed an executive role in the development and growth of portfolio companies. Later, Michael led numerous multibillion dollar transactions and spearheaded a host of transformations of multinational institutions. He holds a BS from Columbia University and an MBA from Columbia Business School. Michael is a classical music wonk, a tenacious snowboarder, and always looking to improve his chess game.

Hélène Boigard, MSResearch Scientist

Hélène is a research scientist with over 6 years of experience in the vaccine industry. Her research resulted in the development of newly patented virus-like particle vaccine platforms for flaviviruses and respiratory viruses. She has previously worked in Quality Control of Neisseria Meningitis vaccine development. Hélène holds an MS in Biotechnology from Université de Bourgogne and a BS in Biomedical Sciences from University of Sunderland. She likes running and learning martial arts, that is when she is not practicing the flute.