A Unique Mission

Applied Biological Laboratories is committed to research, development and distribution of natural and exceptionally effective drugs for common respiratory illnesses and their symptoms. These include rhinovirus, influenza, coronavirus, adenovirus, sinusitis, and asthma.

Not Chemical Drugs and Not Homeopathic — Natural Drugs

Drugs help you sleep but make you ravenous, address inflammation but thin your bones, alleviate depression but increase the risk of heart disease. That’s because the chemical properties of most drugs’ active ingredients regulate a number of functions throughout the body. This means that a drug can impact not only the target receptors of the infected area but also other critical systems.

Our Innovation

Modern medicine’s response to respiratory infections has traditionally been reactionary and, in the case of over the counter drugs, symptom based. Our approach is different. Our products fortify the respiratory system with powerful bioactive molecules, many of which the body already uses. This effectively stops viruses and bacteria in their tracks, preventing them from entering the system and infecting more cells.

Nature is the Supreme Healer: The Nature of Science and the Science of Nature

At Applied Biological Laboratories we believe that the best and safest remedies for many common diseases are already found in nature. In the case of respiratory diseases, the human body is equipped with numerous natural molecules that can effectively challenge pathogens--infectious foreign particles.

Introducing Biovanta, the only over the counter cold, cough and sore throat drug with a unique combination of naturally-derived ingredients that is scientifically proven and has been shown in blind, placebo controlled laboratory studies to be safer and perform better than leading sore throat remedies.

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Applied Biological Labs Featured in Chain Drug Review

Applied Biological Labs Featured in Chain Drug Review

Applied Biological Labs Announces Biovanta, The Only Naturally Derived Over The Counter Drug That Relieves Sore Throat, Cough, and Cold Symptoms In One Triple-Action Remedy

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